Cycra Pro Bend Ultra w/HCM Clamps Oversize Bars ( 1 1/8″ ) Husky Blue


The Cycra Pro-Bend wrap-around off-road handguards have set the standard for strength and protection. Features like patented billet construction and the trademark Pro-Bend dip down bar. We are now coupling these great handguards with the innovative Handlebar Clam Mount System (HCM). The HCM allows the rider to mount handguards to the top of the handlebar clamps. This mounting creates an unencumbered clearance for the clutch and brake cables. Included in the kit are following components: Pro-Bend Ultra Bars, Cycra Ultra Plastic Shields, Power Grip Bar ends and the HCM mounts. Injection-molded Ultra Enduro Shields and Covers. Complete Pro-Bend bars, plastic shields, shield covers, bar ends and Handlebar Clamp Mounts

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