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Cycra – Thomasville, NC USA

Cycra USA

Cycra – Thomasville, NC USA

Cycra in Thomasville, NC
Cycra in Thomasville, NC USA

Jul 9th 2018

When Cycra was founded nearly 25 years ago, it was with the determination to create the highest-quality products in the motocross industry. To do so, we have always sought to make our industry-leading products right here in the USA. From our original home in Hebron, Ohio to our current factory in Thomasville, North Carolina, we are proud to be producing quality products with American workers.

As we look forward to the next 25 years, we have a renewed dedication to our community, our sport, and our country. We look forward to serving you, and providing you with the very best products we can. You can be confident that at Cyrca, we are working hard to earn your business each and every day.

Experts Put Cycra’s PowerFlow Kit to the Test

Cycra PowerFlow Kit to the Test

Experts Put Cycra’s PowerFlow Kit to the Test

Cycra PowerFlow Kit to the Test
Cycra PowerFlow Kit Put to the Test

Posted by Mototcross Action Magazine on Jul 8th 2018

WHAT IS IT? Cycra’s performance-driven Powerflow body kit is now available for late-model 2016–2017 KTM motocross bikes.

WHAT’S IT COST? $219.99 (front fender, rear fender, Powerflow shrouds, side panels, fork guards and Stadium front number plate).

CONTACT? or (800) 770-2259. Or, contact your local dealership.

WHAT STANDS OUT? Here’s a list of things that stand out with the new Cycra Powerflow 2016–2017 KTM body kit.


(1) Performance. The Cycra Powerflow body kit is made in the United States. Most aftermarket plastic parts are sold as replacement parts or for cosmetic updates, but Cycra’s Powerflow system increases performance, improving airflow through the radiators by harnessing Bernoulli’s effect to increase air velocity. The MXA wrecking crew has tested Cycra plastic everywhere—from Glen Helen to Loretta Lynn’s to Joe Gibbs’ test track—it is as tough as plastic gets. We have always been impressed with how colorfast the plastic is. Even after a long, hot summer of racing, the bike still looks bright and shiny.

(2) Installation. The Cycra Powerflow body kit mounts easily, but since KTM uses a variety of different-sized bolts and screws, be sure to lay the hardware out in an orderly fashion to help the installation process go smoothly. We have to give kudos to KTM for the design of its 2016 and 2017 bodywork. In the past, replacing rear fender and side number plates was a major chore, but it’s less of a hassle on the new bikes. The only tricky part of installing the rear fender is sliding it over the rear spars of the subframe. The side panels are a breeze to install compared to the previous number plates, which were part of the airbox. Cycra’s side number plates bolt on easily. The KTM’s front fender has a unique mounting system, with two bolts below the triple clamp and two bolts in front of it. The hardest part of putting the Cycra front fender on is holding the shouldered washers in place while tightening the bolts. To assist in this process, we placed a dab of grease on the washers to keep them secured properly. The Cycra Stadium front number plate has extensions that go down the fork legs to protect them from dings. We put stickers behind the extensions so that they wouldn’t rub and create a dull spot on the fork-leg coating over time.

(3) Appearance. Cycra doesn’t just make cookie-cutter plastic parts. The Cycra Powerflow body kit looks cutting edge. The MXA wrecking crew has always appreciated the effort Cycra puts into the design.

(4) Options. The Cycra KTM Powerflow shroud kit is available for all 2016 and 2017 KTM motocross models (and Cycra has bodywork kits available for earlier KTMs as well). There are four color choices: orange, blue, white or black.

Aaron Plessinger Wins High Point National!

Aaron Plessinger, Cycra
Aaron Plessinger, Cycra
Aaron Plessinger takes the 250s 1/1 at High Point and RedBud

Aaron Plessinger Wins High Point National!

Jun 26th 2018

#TeamCycra Has A Huge Weekend!

Congratulations to our own Aaron Plessinger who had a perfect weekend in High Point. The 21-year old Hamilton, Ohio native led all 18 laps of the Moto 1, and then went on to win the Moto 2. His performance allowed him to retake the points lead for the season.

Congrats to to Aaron and his team from your friends at Cycra!

The History of Cycra

Over 20 years ago, Cycra was founded by Glen & Ken Laivins in Hebron, Ohio. From the very start, their mission was to create the finest racing plastics, handguards, and protection gear for the motocross industry. That mission succeeded, and today, Cycra is a world leader in factory trusted moto plastics.

Since 2015, we have proudly designed, developed and manufactured our quality products in Thomasville, North Carolina. Today, Cycra is trusted by the top riders all over the world, and our unique designs, advanced technology, and improved performance have led Cycra to become the industry leader in moto plastics and protection.